2021 Hospital Center, Biel
 NCHK Ext’n Bluebear, Konolfingen
 Hospital Center, Biel
2020 Swiss railways DLR washing tunnel, Geneva
 Nestlé R&D, Konolfingen
 Swiss railways service building, Geneva
2019 Hospital Center, Biel
2018 Nestlé PTC, Konolfingen
 Tinsmith’s Hall, Vevey
 House transformations, Chardonne
 Swiss railways cables gallery, Lausanne
2017 Swiss railways service building, Lausanne
2016 Nestlé Centre “the Nest”, Vevey
 Individual house, Granges-près-Marnand
 Nespresso IS Revamping, Orbe
 Garage, Corseaux
2015 2 apartement house, Mont-Pélerin
 Nestlé Logistic building, Orbe
 Swiss railways service building, Renens
2014 Luce MS, Granges-près-Marnand
 Nestlé Multi-Purpose Meeting Area, Orbe
2013 NRC Creche, Vers-chez-les-Blanc
2012 Nestlé System Technology Centre, Orbe
 Nestlé Shop
 Atelier Despraz
 Maison Cailler pavilion
2011 Ginox SA
 Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) Innovation Centre
2010 Twin houses
2009 Nestlé, Broc
 Nespresso production and distribution centre
2007 Individual houses
 PTC extension
2006 Nespresso Orbe
 City hall
 Nestlé Central Building
 Dairy Le Maréchal
2004 Nescafé
2002 Commercial centre

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